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M.etaphysical E.xistence

M.etaphysical E.xistence

This is my personal website, mostly a place for me and anyone else to discuss whatever comes to mind. Inside you can find posts on whatever topic comes to mind, from my own point of view.

ADR Computer Services ADR Computer Services Nerd for hire!
ADR Computer Services

ADR Computer Services

In 1998 I started my computer services company with the goal to help humans integrate technology into their lives. I am proud to say that each month since then I have only been more and more successful in doing just that. ADR Computer Services offers just about any computer-related service one needs, from computer repair, system or network setup, computer design and construction, and even web hosting and development.

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This domain houses countless mini projects and collections of junk. Not all are authored by me. Let me know if you have a question or problem relating to aregner.com or some other domain I own.